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IMI GROUP is a Successful, Independent Team of Engineers based in KERALA, INDIA. The GROUP was formed in 2001 as a new millennium enterprise with SSI registration to Government of KERALA, targeted on "PROVIDE TECHNOLOGY FOR BETTER LIFE" to all over in INDIA and REST OF THE WORLD.

After 8 years of service, IMI GROUP re-formed in 2008 by adding more experienced engineers, who recognized the customer needs for a practical approach to all kind of industries. The enterprise has gone on to become a major industrial consultancy practice, engineers dealing with a diverse range of clients, including; End Users, Developers, Architects, Planning Consultants, Surveyors, MEP Consultants, MEP Contractors, Building Contractors, Government Agencies and Local Authorities etc.

We offer all kind of Noise and Vibration Control Acoustics, Air Ventillation Systems, Engineering Designs, Industrial Plants, Equipments and Training with Specialist Services for Products and Services based on "National or International Standards".

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